Installing LineageOS on Xiaomi and Redmi

Installing LineageOS on Xiaomi and Redmi

N the custom ROM environment, if there’s one ROM this is respected by means of all ó it’s far the LineageOS. It breathes new lifestyles into in any other case monotonous and gloomy Xiaomi and Redmi gadgets.

Lineage OS, the successor to widely recognized CyanogenMod, offers a entire stock Android look with loads of customization options.

If you’re infuriated over the bloatware, intrusive advertisements and the crowded interface of the MIUI Android-skin, then here is how you could installation LineageOS for your Xiaomi device ó

Installing LineageOS on Xiaomi and Redmi
Installing LineageOS is no exclusive from installing a custom ROM on an Android tool; it entails 3 most important steps ó unlocking the bootloader, putting in a custom restoration, and subsequently flashing the custom ROM.

ADB and Fastboot installed in your PC (Here is how)
USB Debugging became on (Here is how)

  1. Unlock the Bootloader
    Bookmark this web page as it will take you days before you may go this step. Unfortunately, Xiaomi makes users go through an agonizing wait earlier than allowing them to free up their devices. Here are the steps ñ

Link your Xiaomi tool to an Mi account ó Settings > Additional settings > Developer alternatives > Mi Unlock repute.
MIUI liberate reputation
Download and open the Mi Unlock tool in your PC
Go into Fastboot mode to your device ó Switch off and press electricity+extent down button for few seconds
Xiaomi Fastboot Mode
Connect the tool to your PC the use of a USB cableMi Unlock Fastboot mode
Click on Unlock on the Mi Unlock app
While it says 360 hours, customers end up getting their phones unlocked within every week.

  1. Install a custom restoration
    Custom healing permits customers to put in 0.33-birthday party firmware regularly unsupported by Android stock healing. Here I even have used Orange Fox restoration, customers also can use the widely known TWRP custom recovery.
  • Download the healing image file for the Xiaomi device and move it to the ADB supply folder in C Drive.
  • Open Fastboot mode on your tool and connect your tool to PC
  • Open command set off (on Windows) or Terminal (on Linux or macOS)
  • Type fastboot devices. Press Enter
  • Type fastboot flash restoration (name of the downloaded report).Img. Press Enter
  • Installing custom Recovery the use of Fastboot
  • Boot into healing ó Hold Power Button+ Volume Up
  • Avoid rebooting the tool after putting in the custom restoration, otherwise, Xiaomi may dispose of it.


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